Eames EA116 lounge stoel

For a photo shoot of the REK bookcase, we used a beautiful, low Eames office chair, also called the management chair. Presumably it is the 682 (EA116 or the EA124) from the so-called “Aluminum Group,” which is an icon in the world of office furniture. The series of chairs was designed in the 1950s by Charles and Ray Eames and consists of high and low versions, with or without armrests. The design is still the standard for high-quality office chairs today, and many models from other manufacturers are based on it. Nevertheless, current designs cannot match the elegance of the Eames version.

Development Eames office chair

Early experiments and prototypes used sand-moulding to form the aluminum parts. In the late 1950s, the Herman Miller company put these chairs into production. Today in Europe, Vitra is the manufacturer of these chairs. This particular model has a different base than the model in current production. It indicates that this model is from the early Herman Miller era. You can read the entire history of the creation of the Aluminum chairs on the Eames Institute website.

Interior design

We received this Eames office chair on loan from Fundamente, a vintage design dealer based in Rotterdam. They specialize in rare designer furniture and lighting. In a previous blog post, we covered another icon of “midcentury modern” design, the PK22. Vintage furniture adds an extra dimension to your interior. An added benefit is that the good pieces have stood the test of time in terms of aesthetics. They are genuinely timeless and thus have proved to be ultimately sustainable. Also, vintage furniture generally does not lose its value. Therefore, we are always in favor of using some appropriate vintage furniture in an interior design.