Huis Tulum, Mexico

For a Dutch client, we are currently busy furnishing their new home in Tulum, Mexico. The house is currently under construction and is expected to be completed in August. The client will occasionally use the house themselves but they intend to rent it out most of the time.


Tulum is a coastal town in Mexico, on the Caribbean coast. It is located about 120 km south of the famous resort town of Cancun. Whereas in Cancun large-scale resorts dominate, in Tulum they manage to build on the typical, casual atmosphere. Building height restrictions and a unique, contemporary style that stems in part from local traditions make Tulum so irresistible.

Tulum style

Many resorts in Tulum are dazzlingly beautiful and lushly designed. In its construction, attention is paid to the integration of greenery and other natural elements. An example of an exceptional resort is Azulik. Indigenous building methods and materials have been used here to give guests a total experience immersed in organic architecture.


Developments in Tulum are rapid. One magnificent project after another is being realized. And the level of amenities in what was once a sleepy fishing village is steadily growing along with it. Soon there will be an airport and a train link that will open up the entire Yucatan peninsula. Tulum will no doubt continue to grow but unlike many other beach resorts, it will retain its charm.

Your home in Tulum

Should you be interested in investing in Tulum yourself, we can put you in touch with the knowledgeable and reliable real estate agent our client has dealt with. A new blog about the house in Tulum will follow soon, in which we will talk a little more about the house itself, its architecture, interior, amenities and construction.