minimalistisch tv-meubel

Designer Reinier de Jong designed this minimalist custom TV cabinet on behalf of Stilst for a client in Rotterdam. This client’s special request was to integrate an electric fireplace into the furniture. We took advantage of the space in the living room by designing a long, low cabinet no less than four meters long (13 feet).

Floating TV cabinet

The unit stands on a set-back plinth six centimeters (2.3 inch) high. The cabinet protrudes a bit to the left and right from plinth with which we enhance the illusion of a floating cabinet. The plinth offers the possibility of neatly concealing all cables. No cable can be seen in and around the furniture. The fronts each have a width of 80 cm and a height of 40 cm. They open downward. Only the front for the fireplace is a removable panel. This provides access to the fireplace in case repairs are needed, for example. The fronts have a push-to-open mechanism. A press on the top of the front causes the flap to open. And they have hinges with damping that allow them to lower gently and in a controlled manner.

Anthracite color

In consultation with the client, we chose through and through colored black mdf as our material. This is a board material composed of very small wood particles with a binder. Black pigment has been added to this mixture which gives it its anracite appearance. It gives this minimalist TV cabinet its sophisticated look. It also has the advantage of being easy to finish with a matte oil. Another thing was to consider the dimensions of a full sheet of mdf when designing the cabinet. Thus, we very economically extracted the parts from a plate without much sawing loss.

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