Modulaire kast in industriƫle loft

When designing furniture, designer Reinier de Jong takes an architectural approach. This stems from the fact that in addition to being a furniture and interior designer himself, he is also an architect. These modular shelves are a good example. The design was inspired by claustras, or openwork partition walls. In traditional Western architecture, these were usually the open sides along colonnades. In Islamic architecture, these are often semi-open walls composed of modular elements that combine to form a pattern. Modern variants can also be found everywhere, such as the open concrete blocks you sometimes see as garden fencing and occasionally as part of a facade.

Modular cabinet

The modular structure of claustras was the starting point for the cabinet. The idea is that with just one type of module, you can have a wide variety of storage options. Therefore, the modules are rectangular in shape. You can stack them as horizontally oriented elements, as vertically oriented ones or as a composition of a combination of both. By placing the modules in an alternating bond and some distance apart, you also make use of the space between them for additional storage. It gives a variety of shelving options. The composition of staggered modules and lines also gives the shelves its intriguing appearance.

Tower Cabinet

The modules are 40 cm high, 30 cm wide and 30 cm deep. You can also use individual modules as side tables. Another special application is to stack them upright to form a vertical tower cabinet. We would recommend to turn every other module 90 degrees so that the open side is facing differently on each layer. You can connect the modules together by means of wooden pegs. You insert these half into the holes of one module and half into those of the adjacent module. This prevents the shelf elements from sliding relative to each other. You will need to secure the top layer to the wall for overall stability.

Custom work

The modular cabinet is a custom product from Stilst. You can choose your prefered color. Please email us for options. Another bookcase you can order from Stilst is the reclaimed REK.