In the jungle of Yucatan, Mexico, near Tulum, you will find the breathtaking Azulik Uh May, an absolute highlight of organic architecture. It is a place that is hard to describe in words. It is an art center, a place for spirituality, a place where the culture of the Maya is honored, a place where nature and architecture merge. But these terms do not do justice to this special place.

An inward journey

Quite deliberately, Azulik Uh May was built away from fast-growing, bustling Tulum. Near the village of Francisco Uh May, you turn off the main road and bump your way through the jungle. The accompanying sense of isolation from the world is the first step in your journey. Arriving at the place, you feel by everything that you are in the middle of the jungle. The next step in your journey in entering the complex. It is a circular tunnel made of branches that deflects slightly so you cannot see the end of it beforehand. You literally walk into the darkness. On the other side, you walk up a hanging path to the entrance.

Lush world for all the senses

At the actual entrance, you will be asked to leave behind your shoes and socks. A guide will walk you in and lead you around the wonderful Azulik world. An lush world of organic architecture in which walls and floor flow into one another. Where winding paths lead you up past hanging plants. All your senses are stimulated. The texture of polished cement and Bejuco (branches) at your feet alternate. Everywhere hangs the scent of Copal, a smoky, indigenous incense. Through the open roofs, you can hear the sounds of the jungle. Everywhere you see traditional materials and building techniques of the Mayans. They are also the ones who built this complex.

The richness of organic architecture

All spaces, both inside and outside breathe a sacred atmosphere while embodying the richness of nature. Even people who have never meditated can be seen silently taking everything in and coming to themselves. The outdoor space features artworks that pay homage to the local, natural and indigenous context. There are semi-open areas where there is an outdoor restaurant. Azulik Uh May is a place like no other. In Tulum itself you will find the Azulik resort where you can spend the night in a similar context of organic architecture.