REK bookcase

REK is the bookcase that grows with your book collection. It is one of the most iconic cabinets of the past decades, published in blogs and magazines around the world and it has found its way to customers in different continents. The intriguing shape and direct translation of the concept made the REK an instant design classic. REK is both an abstract sculpture and a bookcase, an iconic focal point in a minimalist interior.

Delivery time is 12 weeks (can only be ordered in the Netherlands and Belgium)

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The zigzagging parts interlock and slide in or out separately according to the books you have. The narrow openings are perfect for magazines or envelopes. It is an architectural cabinet that references minimalist buildings and modern art. The color contrast between the inside and outside gives the cabinet an added dimension.

For the exterior, you can choose from four premium colors of silk-matt HPL for both interior and exterior. We can photorealistically visualize the desired combination for you. Please email us for options.


beige boekenkast

light gray




dark gray


Additional information

Weight 150 kg
Dimensions 36 × 224 × 200 cm