REK coffee table (ash & white)

The REK coffee table is a modern design classic, a coffee table with multiple layers. With the parts that can be slid in and out in two directions, independently of each other, you have a unique coffee table for a minimalist interior. A table that can be miraculously adapted to your living environment. It gives you extra space for visitors and storage space on the inside.

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The REK coffee table is a modern design classic with multiple layers. With this extendable coffee table you have a unique designer piece of furniture for a minimalist interior. The fixed part stands on the ground, the two inner parts slide in and out – in two directions, independently of each other. The idea of this is that you can adapt the coffee table to your home and to your living conditions. For example, into an L-shaped coffee table. When guests come over, you slide the table out. Are the kids playing tag in the living room, slide the table together.

L-shaped coffee table

De twee binnenste delen kun je dus in twee richtingen uitschuiven. By extending both parts all the way in one direction, you make the table about twice as long or wide. However, you can also choose to extend one part in a different direction than the other. This creates an L-shaped coffee table. Perhaps an L-shaped coffee table simply fits the space of your living room better. The space created when the parts are extended can be used as storage space for magazines, for example. A built-in stop ensures that the parts cannot be extended too far and only in two directions.

Scandinavian look

The surfaces of the table are finished with HPL (high pressure laminate), the most scratch-resistant finish for furniture. It is white through and through, so that no dark edge can be seen at the corners, as is the case with standard HPL. The edges are finished with solid ash wood. This is a sustainable, European hardwood species. Ash is strong, light in color and known for its beautiful grain. It is finished with a matte varnish which gives the wood a very natural, Scandinavian look. The wood is chamfered on the vertical edges on the inside. This creates a handle for extending when the table is completely collapsed. We also have this table with natural oak, natural walnut, black and all-white finishes, Below is a demonstration video of the REK coffee table with oak edges.


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Dimensions 80-160 × 60-120 × 30 cm