ROOTS side table (beige)

Meet the intriguing ROOTS side table: a breathtaking piece of furniture that effortlessly combines modern design with inspiration from ancient civilizations. This unique table, with its hourglass shape and cubic components, is the perfect addition to a minimalist interior. It adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the living room.

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A contemporary side table with a reference to vanished civilizations. It appears to consist of cubic blocks shaped like two pyramids, one of which is upside down. With that, it looks like a sculpture in the shape of an hourglass defying gravity. Choosing beige as a color adds a calm and neutral tone to the overall design, making it versatile and adaptable to different interiors.

Architectural side table

Inspired by ancient civilizations, this remarkable side table pays homage to the architectural wonders and artistic expressions of the past. The use of geometric shapes, specifically cubes, draws inspiration from the precision and balance seen in the architectural masterpieces of ancient cultures. It serves as a testament to the enduring influence of historic design on contemporary aesthetics.

Bold statement

With its clean lines and symmetrical shape, the beige side table effortlessly complements minimalist interiors. It embraces simplicity while making a bold statement and, with its staggered blocks, makes for a visually fascinating eye-catcher. Whether placed next to a sofa in a living room or used as a bedside table in a bedroom, it exudes a sense of sophisticated elegance that enhances the overall ambiance.

Beige side table

The beige side table with its cubic sections, shows the enduring influence of ancient civilizations on contemporary design. It has the ability to blend seamlessly into minimalist interiors. At the same time, it has a striking visual impact that makes it a unique and sophisticated piece of furniture. The pine table is completely solid and weighs approximately 15 kg. A skilled furniture maker in the Netherlands makes this side table by hand.

Additional information

Weight 17 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 52 cm