TERMS coffee table

TERMS coffee table consists of polished aluminum parts. The mirrored surfaces reflect both the space around them and the other components. It gives the table an elusive, constantly changing appearance. On one side the table rises incrementally and on the other side the parts protrude. A sculptural coffee table with four different heights and openings for such things as coasters, remote controls, smartphones and magazines.

TERMS coffee table is produced in a limited edition of 100 pieces with discreetly engraved numbers (’01/100′, ’02/100′, ’03/100′ etc). The weight of the table is 27 kg.

Delivery time is 12 weeks

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TERMS coffee table

TERMS is the name of this mirrored coffee table, a beautiful functional work of art that beautifully combines form and function. It consists of mirrored modules that we have put together in a varied, cascading manner. This makes this coffee table as much abstract work of art as it is functional object.

Mirrored coffee table

The alternating, cascading design adds depth and makes it an elusive composition. The mirrored finish reflects light and adds splendour to your interior. Not only the surrounding space is reflected in the coffee table but also the modules among themselves creating an intriguing interplay of physical and virtual components. The unique design and high-quality material make it a true statement. Therefore, this coffee table adds a dose of elegance and sophistication to an interior. A table that is as simple as it is brilliant.

Mirrored coffee table

Crafted from aluminum, this coffee table is built to last. In fact, aluminum is a material that stands the test of time and our supplier manufactures on green energy from the bauxite mines to the raw aluminum. Each module was then expertly polished by a specialized metalworker and finally anodized for protection. With a length of 100 cm, a width of 80 cm and a maximum height of 40 cm, this coffee table is an intriguing eye-catcher for a minimalist interior. The modules themselves are 20 x 20 x 10 cm.

Limited edition

Whether you sip your coffee in the morning or drink wine with your friends in the evening, this coffee table will leave an impression. Its avant-garde design and craftsmanship make it a unique piece that takes your living space to the next level. This version of the TERMS coffee table is made in a limited edition of 100 pieces. Each one has a number and the Stilst logo engraved in a discreet location.