TOOL folding chair (patina)

The name of this chair already gives away what the parts are made of: broom handles. A folding chair in which poetic simplicity and sophistication come together. There are two versions: one with reused handles and one with new, ash wood handles. The concave shape for the seat and back are milled from the wooden parts.

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Earth, rain, hands, air, sunlight. Used broom handles show traces of time and the elements. The color and texture are determined by how and where the handle was used and by the type of wood it was made from. In this folding chair, clean wood emerges where the stems are milled: the seat and back rest. The TOOL folding chair (formerly known as “STEEL”) is a modest chair that reflects the everyday nature of its original components and fits seamlessly into minimalist interiors. The “patina” version is available on a limited basis depending on sufficient supply of available reclaimed handles.

We also made the TOOL folding chair in a version with new ash wood. In fact, ash is known as a beautiful, durable but, above all, resilient type of wood. Hence, it is the common type of wood for broom handles. These handles are painted and the natural texture of the wood emerges where the seat and backrest are milled out. Just like the version with the used handles. The TOOL folding chair has been published on Dezeen and others and exhibited at the Museum Boijmans van Beuningen.