TERMS coffee table

design by: Reinier de Jong

TERMS coffee table challenges and reimagines the typology of a coffee table. Is it still a coffee table without a top? Does it need to have legs? Can frame and surface dissolve into one structure?

The exterior of the aluminum parts is hand polished to a mirror shine to expose the inherent qualities of the material. The mirroring surfaces reflect both the surroundings as well as other parts, creating an ever-changing, elusive appearance. Contrastingly, the interior is kept as is: brut and matte, showing the extrusion lines of the manufacturing process. The parts are configured in an alternating bond, stepping up on one side and cantilevering on the other. Thus, an intriguing sculpture-like coffee table is made with four different surface heights and several pockets to store items like coasters, remote controls, smartphones and magazines.

TERMS coffee table comes in a limited edition of 50 pcs, each with discretely engraved numbering (’01/50′, ’02/50′, ’03/50′ etc) and a Stilst logo on a non-conspicuous position. The weight of the table is 27 kg (60 lbs). It will be delivered in a wooden pallet box. Please note that the aluminum requires careful maintenance with a suitable cleaning agent for metals and a microfibre cloth. Please contact us in case of questions regarding maintenance and natural material ageing.

living room coffee table


Height: 15.75 in (40 cm)

Width: 31.5 in (80 cm)

Depth: 39.38 in (100 cm)

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