vakantiewoning Costa del Sol, Andalusië

Investing in vacation homes

Owning vacation homes is an excellent way to get a return on your assets. With the right choices, returns well above 10% are possible. Stilst has partnered with Realty in Mexico to guide you in finding and realizing a vacation rental in the Yucatán region of southeastern Mexico. With Cancun, Merida, Playa del Carmen and Tulum, it is a region of enormous opportunity. With our network of local brokers, architects, consultants and lawyers, we will assist you from A to Z in finding and taking advantage of those opportunities.

Huis met zwembad in Bacalar lagune

More freedom, higher returns

Mexico and Yucatán in particular is developing rapidly. The Mexican government is investing heavily in infrastructure, among other things, to facilitate and stimulate growth. Therefore, the upward trend in the number of visitors from the United States and Europe in particular is expected to continue steadily in the coming decades. This offers enormous opportunities for the Dutch and Belgian investor. Compared to the Netherlands, there is much less regulation, less restrictive policies and lower taxation. That freedom means it is all the more important to work with reliable partners. Partners who also have knowledge of the local market and current developments.

Een modern huis met een eigen cenote

Existing vacation homes

Purchasing an existing house is the easiest option. Thanks to our network of real estate agents, we can make an inventory of suitable houses based on your needs and budget. Prices vary widely and, of course, they are closely related to location. For example, Merida is relatively inexpensive but it is located inland and is therefore usually chosen by tourists as a day trip. And it’s well worth it; Merida is consistently ranked in the top five most livable cities in all of North America for a reason. Houses in more popular locations are more expensive to buy but, of course, also yield more returns. For dated properties whose rental income is waning, we can help you with a renovation plan and new interior design.

Nieuwbouw vakantiewoning in Mexico

New vacation homes

Another option is to find a lot for your vacation home. The advantage of this is that the cost is usually a lot lower than for a pre-existing home. Moreover, you can let us design and furnish a new construction home in a way that optimizes your return. With a home that offers luxury , design and a special experience, you can stand out in the market. With that, rental revenues are a lot higher than for a more average home.

inrichting vakantiehuis design

Furnishing vacation homes

The decor of a vacation home is crucial, as it has a significant impact on guests’ comfort, appeal and overall experience. When searching online for a suitable vacation rental on Airbnb or, the appearance of a vacation rental is usually the first thing that stands out and on which people base their choice. A well-designed and tastefully decorated space creates a positive impression and makes guests feel welcome and appreciated. For most Dutch people, luxury is not a necklace but for guests from the United States, for example, it certainly is. High-quality furniture with a touch of Dutch design adds to the comfort and conveniences guests experience during their stay. It allows you to charge higher rates for rentals. In fact, guests are willing to pay more for accommodation that offers luxury and comfort. Satisfied guests tend to return to your vacation home and recommend it to others.

Mexico and Yucatán

Anyone who has ever been to Mexico can agree: what a country it is! A fairly poor country by our Dutch standards but so rich in so many ways. The culture, the nature, the hospitality, the gastronomy…. it can hardly be imagined! As a result, it ranked seventh most visited country in the world in 2019 with by far the most visitors coming from the United States. With more than 40 million visitors a year, Mexico also tops the list of most visited countries in Latin America. More than 10 times as much as Brazil, for example. Consequently, more than $25 billion per year goes into the tourism industry (about 9% of the Gross Domestic Product). The country is so big that if you put it on the same scale on Europe, Tijuana is northwest past Belfast and Tulum is southwest past Istanbul.


Jungle, cenotes and beaches

The beaches on the Peninsula are second to none. To the north they face the Gulf of Mexico, to the east the Caribbean Sea. Fantastic places for swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling and diving. But what makes nature in this part of Mexico truly special are the thousands of cenotes in the jungle. Cenotes are small freshwater sites, some open, some half or completely hidden under rocks. Places with crisp, cool water that were considered sacred sites by the Maya to be the entrance to the underworld.


vastgoed in Spanje

Real estate partner Spain

We would like to expand our experience with (vacation) houses for rental and for permanent living to Spain. To that end, we are open to partnerships with Dutch and Belgian professionals active in the Spanish real estate market. In addition to designing and furnishing the houses, we are the point of contact for house seekers in the Netherlands. With our knowledge of construction issues, we can perform a quick scan for the potential of the lot or property. Then we can create a plan, develop it and test it against local regulations in cooperation with a local party. Exactly as we do in Mexico. Are you a real estate professional in Spain? Contact us for a no-obligation introduction.