Notenhouten salontafel

We recently created this all walnut coffee table for a client in New York. A variation of the white version with walnut edges only. Walnut comes from the tree that bears walnuts as its fruit. It is a beautiful wood species with beautiful markings. It is hardy, sustainable and comes from responsible sources. There is American walnut and European walnut. The difference is that American walnut is often a bit darker in color and European walnut has a bit more texture and color differences. We use European walnut for the REK coffee table.

Walnut coffee table

The color and texture of a walnut coffee table give your interior a warm, luxurious feel. The rich tones and shades have a timeless charm that will take your living room to the next level. Walnut contrasts beautifully with, say, a concrete wall or a gray cast floor. Pair the table with a Pure sideboard in walnut from RKNL, a coarse woven wool rug in natural hue and a sleek sofa from Vetsak or the Pk1 by Paulo Kobylka, if desired.

Extendable coffee table

The edges of this coffee table are 10 mm thick, solid walnut. For other finishes, we choose Lincoln Walnut HPL from Egger. The advantage of HPL over wood veneer is that it is more scratch-resistant and does not discolor under the influence of daylight. When extended, the part exposed to daylight discolors and the concealed part does not. If you then slide the table in and out in the other direction, you will see the color differences in the surface. HPL doesn’t have that problem.

Timeless design

The main part of the coffee table is stationary, the two inner parts slide in and out – in two directions, independently of each other. The idea of this is that you can adapt the coffee table to your home and to your living conditions. By extending both parts all the way in one direction, you make the table about twice as long or wide. However, you can also choose to extend one part in a different direction than the other. This creates an L-shaped coffee table. The space created when the parts are extended can be used as storage space for magazines, for example. A built-in stop ensures that the parts cannot be extended too far and only in two directions.