lichte kastenwand in slaapkamer

A fitted wardrobe is a closet that covers an entire wall. So it is not a stand-alone cabinet but one that is connected to the space in which it stands. In most cases, it is a cabinet that has full fronts (doors and drawers) but there are designs with open shelves for objects to be displayed. Think vases, books or art objects. You can have these lit from the inside using concealed LED strips.

Fitted wardrobe

We designed a fitted wardrobe for this client. Given that it is a bedroom, it is used primarily for storing clothes. It was also important for us to create a minimalist bedroom that exudes tranquility. This is always an important principle for us when designing a home interior, and it is even more true for a bedroom. In fact, too many visual stimuli can negatively affect your sleep. The bedroom is pre-eminently the place to bring tranquility.

Old wall tiles as inspiration

The inspiration for this cabinet wall is the so-called “witjes” tiles. This is the name for the white wall tiles that wered made in the old days, for example by the famous Royal Tichelaar in the Frisian town of Makkum. At that time, there were no industrial production methods for making tiles. As a result, there were slight differences between the tiles in hue, shape and sheen. And that is precisely the charm of this type of tile. Nowadays, witjes tiles are manufactured with industrial methods but it is difficult to achieve the same nuances with them.

Color shades

The color and gloss nuances of the whites tiles are reflected in the cabinet’s lacquered fronts. We chose three different shades of white and three different gloss grades: matte, satin gloss and high gloss. Alternating these fronts creates a very subtle play that brings the room to life despite the room being almost entirely white. To create the idea of a tile grout joint, we let the doors run halfway up the cabinet edges. This creates a groove of about 2 cm around the doors reminiscent of a tile joint. We can apply the idea of the fronts with a different color upon request. We had the inside of the cabinet painted in dark gray for a nice contrast between the interior and exterior.

Modular cabinet

For the fitted wardrobe, we chose to assemble it from individual modules. In height, there are three layers: the first of 60 cm high, the second of 120 cm high and the top layer of 80 cm high. In width, there are also three variants: 40 cm, 60 cm and 80 cm. These stagger in relation to each other, giving the cabinet a lively but subtle appearance. An additional advantage of the modular construction is that it is possible to disassemble the wardrobe and build it somewhere else. So this can also be in a different configuration from that of the original design. This is convenient if the new bedroom has different dimensions. It is also possible to reuse part of the wardrobe, for example the bottom layer as a sideboard. As such, it fits perfectly with our idea of sustainability through timeless furniture.